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Privacy Policy


INAXUS Technologies (INAXUS) is dedicated to protecting the private/personal information it collects from customers, employees, vendors, and other entities to provide various services. Engagement with INAXUS, including the use of its products or websites, requires the provision of certain personal information. Users may choose not to provide this information, which allows them to forego certain services while accessing others.

This document outlines the policy that governs INAXUS’s transparent handling of private/personal data, ensuring that individuals providing information understand its intended use and management.

Policy Principles

Private/personal information means any information that identifies or a collection of which can be used to identify, contact or locate the person to whom such information pertains. The private/personal information collected and maintained by INAXUS will be in accordance to the Privacy Policy in effect from time to time. INAXUS reserves the right to amend the Privacy Policy from time to time at its sole discretion. If INAXUS sells assets (or the assets of a division or subsidiary) to another entity, or INAXUS (or a division or subsidiary) is acquired by or merged with another entity, INAXUS may provide to such entity the private/personal information that is related to that part of our business that was sold to or merged with the other entity without the information owner’s consent.

This Privacy Policy was last updated on April 15, 2024. However, this policy may be updated periodically to comply with legal requirements or to reflect changes in our business needs. The most current version is always accessible on our website. Should there be a significant modification that we believe you should be aware of, we will ensure to notify you through suitable means, such as a pop-up notification or a detailed statement of changes on our website.

In this Privacy Policy, 'personal information' or 'personal data' refers to data that pertains to an individual who can be identified directly or indirectly. This may include, but is not limited to, your name, address, email address, business contact details, or information obtained through your interactions with us on our websites or at events. Personal information is also described as 'information about you.' INAXUS systems may require the collection of such private/personal information as noted. The information we collect can be stored, processed, or utilized globally, given that INAXUS operates

distributed information systems across various countries. All users who provide information to INAXUS acknowledge that, in certain jurisdictions or for specific activities, this data may be managed by trusted vendors on behalf of INAXUS.

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, any private/personal information disclosed to a third party—including, but not limited to, a customer of INAXUS—will be governed by that third party's privacy policy.

Information Collected by INAXUS Products and Services

Appendix C of this document details the various types of private/personal data collected by our suite of products during their operation. This suite includes business servers, client applications on platforms such as the web, mobile, and desktop, along with associated services like notifications and email. The purposes for collecting this data are specified in the user manuals for each product. Data retention is determined by the policies of the organizations using these products and is managed by the organization's INAXUS administrators. As INAXUS products are utilized according to the needs and policies of customer organizations, INAXUS does not claim ownership or responsibility for these data management practices. However, INAXUS provides the necessary facilities to delete personal information upon request.

From Employees of INAXUS

During the hiring process, specific details as outlined in Appendix A of this document are collected from each employee. The purposes for collecting this information, along with its retention period and maintenance methods, are detailed in Appendix A.

From INAXUS customers, vendors and associates

Private/personal information gathered from customers and service providers, other than that collected through INAXUS products, will be managed in accordance with the terms specified in any applicable Nondisclosure Agreements (NDAs).

INAXUS Websites

Information collected through our websites serves to identify the appropriate service offerings and to facilitate contact with the person or organization. The specific types of information collected are listed in Appendix B.This data is stored within our marketing database. By providing this information, individuals consent to its use for these specified purposes. Information can be purged upon request, which should be made in response to any email communication from INAXUS. Once a request to purge data is received, the information will be deleted from active databases and will no longer be used for future communications. However, it will be retained as part of historical communications and will not be reused.

INAXUS Support Systems

Our customer support system gathers private/personal information along with support requirements to facilitate contact for requested support activities. Collected information includes the person’s name, company name, company region, email address, phone numbers, and LinkedIn ID. If an individual decides to discontinue using the support services, they can request the removal of their personal information by sending an email from their registered address to the INAXUS solutions support team. Upon receiving and verifying the request, all personally identifiable information will be deleted from the support database, ensuring that no further communications are sent to the individual.

How INAXUS Uses Collected Information

INAXUS Solutions utilizes the data we collect to enhance the service and product experience we provide. Both automated and manual (human) processing methods are employed. Our automated methods include data analytics supported by artificial intelligence, enabling computers to perceive, learn, and reason in ways akin to human problem-solving. To refine and improve the accuracy of our data analytics, we manually verify automated predictions against the original data from which these predictions were generated.

This includes but not limited to:

Providing You with Better Insights

INAXUS products may deliver personalized data analytics reports to assist you in managing your projects and documents more effectively. Additionally, we aim to provide suitable product recommendations tailored to your specific needs. To achieve these goals, we integrate and transform data collected from various sources, enhancing your overall experience and serving other legitimate purposes.

Communication and Notifications

At INAXUS, we utilize various notifications within our products to enhance project management efficiency. These notifications are distributed via email, phone calls, or social media platforms. The information we gather from our websites supports these efforts, enabling us to communicate effectively about our products and services, including any promotional activities. Additionally, INAXUS may send you targeted advertisements and marketing communications. These may include promotional messages tailored to your interests, ensuring you receive the most relevant offers.

Disclosure to External Agencies as Required by Law

In circumstances where INAXUS is compelled by legal or governmental directives, we may disclose all or part of the private/personal information to external agencies as mandated by law. This ensures compliance with legal obligations and upholds our commitment to lawful operation.

Enhancing Our Services

INAXUS continuously conducts research using data gathered from our products and websites to generate insights that advance industry practices in project and document management. Additionally, this data is utilized by our product support team to engage with you when addressing defects, ensuring they can gather necessary details to facilitate effective resolutions.

Optimizing Our Business Operations

At INAXUS, we leverage the data collected to optimize our business operations. This involves analyzing our performance metrics, enhancing the skills of our workforce, and conducting comprehensive research. These activities are integral to our commitment to continual improvement and excellence in service delivery.

Storing and Sharing of Private/Personal Data

At INAXUS, we share your personal data with your consent or as necessary to facilitate transactions or provide the suite of INAXUS products you utilize. For instance, when you engage with documents within INAXUS, automated emails are dispatched to inform stakeholders of the current work status. Additionally, project correspondences managed within INAXUS are transmitted through external email services to their intended recipients.

We collect specific data, such as interaction and diagnostic data, during your operations to enable your organization to effectively manage these products. Personal data, along with all content managed by INAXUS, is stored on cloud services selected for deploying our #1 Project Management System, and may also be stored on email servers and social media application servers integrated with INAXUS for communication purposes.

We retain, access, transfer, and disclose personal data, including your content (such as correspondences and documents within INAXUS), in good faith for the following purposes:

  • To comply with statutory requirements or legal processes. When data is disclosed upon such requests, we inform customers of the data shared, unless prohibited by law.
  • For security purposes related to project management.
  • To protect the rights or property of INAXUS Technologies.

INAXUS can be integrated with other enterprise software applications. When data is shared with these external applications, its use will be governed by their respective privacy and security policies. We advise INAXUS users to review these policies as necessary.

What Are Your Privacy Rights?

You can exercise your privacy rights as outlined in our privacy policy and applicable laws. If applicable, you may send email to exercise these rights at

Your privacy rights include:

  • Opt-Out: You have the right to opt-out of the use or sharing of your personal information. You may withdraw any consent previously given for processing your information, including for purposes such as email marketing by INAXUS.
  • Deletion of Information: You can request the erasure or deletion of your personal information, either in part or in full.
  • Amendment of Information: You have the ability to edit or amend inaccuracies in your personal information. Some information can be directly edited by you, and other changes can be requested if the information is inaccurate.
  • Restriction on Use: You may object to, or request restriction of, our use of your personal information. This is possible if, for example, there is no legal justification for us to continue its use, or if you contest the accuracy of the information.
  • Access and Portability: You can request a copy of your personal information and, where applicable, request that it be provided in a machine-readable format, in jurisdictions where this right is provided by law.

Requests by Authorized Agents

If you are making a request on behalf of another data subject as an authorized agent, please contact us through our inquiry form and indicate your authorization. We will guide you on how to proceed with the request.

Managing Your Information

If you have an account with any INAXUS product, you may manage your personal information directly within the account portals. This includes updating contact details, deleting records, or downloading your profile, subject to each portal's functionality.

Service Account Inquiries

For inquiries related to your company’s service account or support for INAXUS products or services, the INAXUS Privacy team cannot modify, delete, or access service account data or terminate contracted accounts. Please visit the Contact INAXUS page for further assistance on managing service account data.

Privacy controls

Users of Our Products

Users of our products have the ability to access and manage their private/personal information through designated user controls. They can modify or delete this information as needed.If users choose to discontinue using our products, they can request the removal of all their private/personal data to ensure it is not used further. However, private/personal information stored within documents managed by our system will remain unchanged until the user manually alters or removes each document as necessary. Similarly, any private/personal information included in email communications sent through INAXUS products will also remain unaltered.

Privacy Rights of INAXUS Employees

Employees of INAXUS may request the removal of all their private/personal information from INAXUS records upon concluding their employment. Such requests should be directed via email to the HR Manager. However, it is important to note that certain private/personal information must be retained for a legally mandated period and will remain unpurged until such obligations are fulfilled.


Data Removal Requests

Customers or vendors who wish to terminate their services with INAXUS may request the INAXUS Planning team, via email, to delete any associated data from INAXUS records. Such requests will be acknowledged promptly, and the requester will be informed of the status after the completion of the removal process. Contact details of these customers, once requested to be purged, will not be used for any marketing or communication purposes in the future.

Updating Personal Information

Users of our websites can send an email to the Web Administrator ( to request the removal of private or personal information they have provided. Alternatively, users can also send an email to the Web Administrator with the updated private or personal information to ensure its accuracy and relevance.

Protection of private/personal information

INAXUS is committed to protecting the private and personal information of its users. Unless required by law or for legitimate business purposes, INAXUS will not disclose private/personal information to other companies or organizations without the consent of the information owner.

INAXUS will take all necessary measures to protect private/personal information from risks such as leakage or falsification that could compromise privacy. These measures include implementing adequate control measures during the acquisition, usage, and provision of private/personal information and ensuring that employees adhere to these measures.

Before using any service or product offered by INAXUS, users must read and accept the terms outlined in the Acceptable Use Policy and this Privacy Policy. INAXUS will limit the use and sharing of private/personal information with third parties to the minimum necessary level and ensure that third parties treat this information with adequate security measures.

Use of cookies

INAXUS products and web sites use cookies to sign-in and authenticate, control security, store transactional information such as operation status, application performance counters and time zone details.

Inquiries and Complaints

Any privacy related inquiries/ complaints shall be sent to the information security team via the incident reporting system or email

Use of Cookies

INAXUS products and websites utilize cookies for signing in and authentication, controlling security measures, and storing transactional information such as operational status, application performance counters, and time zone details.

Users have the ability to control the data stored by browser cookies and can withdraw their consent to cookies through browser-based cookie controls. It's important to note that some features and functionalities within our products and websites may depend on cookies. If you choose to block cookies, you may not be able to sign in or access certain features. Deleting cookies will also remove any settings and preferences controlled by those cookies, requiring them to be reestablished when necessary.

Authorization Cookies

Authorization cookies are utilized by our applications and websites to regulate access. Most authorization cookies expire at the end of the session, while a few may persist for up to 2 weeks. For example, a cookie named 'LoginToken' may persist for 2 weeks, whereas others are removed upon session expiry.


Preference cookies, such as 'Lang,' retain user language preferences and time zone settings for a personalized experience each time the application or website is accessed. These preferences are stored until manually cleared using browser controls.

Session and Page State

Session and page state cookies aid in optimizing usage, including measuring time spent on pages anonymously. Session state cookies expire at the end of each session, while page state cookies are removed upon closing the page. Examples include cookies like 'ASP.NET_SessionId' used by Microsoft MVC.

Appendix A: Private/Personal Information Collected from INAXUS Employees

Name of the Person

The name uniquely identifies an individual within INAXUS and for legal registrations. The name used in the INAXUS HRMS system is retained for up to seven years as legally required. It may also remain in external agency registers such as the provident fund, even after the termination of employment with INAXUS.

Date of Birth

The birth date used for age computation is stored in the INAXUS HRMS system. Personal email addresses may be deleted upon request after the employee leaves the organization. However, they will remain in documents required to be maintained by applicable laws. Requests for purging can be sent to the HR team via email.

Email Address, Phone Number

Email addresses and phone numbers are used for communication and are stored in the INAXUS HRMS system. Personal email addresses may be deleted upon request after employment termination. Requests for purging can be directed to the HR team via email.


Photographs are required in the INAXUS HRMS system for visual identification. They may be deleted upon request after employment termination. However, they will remain in documents required by applicable laws. Requests for purging can be sent to the HR team via email.

Bank Account Number

Bank account numbers are used for salary remittances. Employees may continue to use their bank accounts even after leaving INAXUS, subject to their discretion.

Communication Address

Communication addresses are used for postal items and sharing with federal agencies as required by law. Addresses may be deleted upon request after employment termination. However, they will remain in documents required by applicable laws. Requests for purging can be sent to the HR team via email.

Email/Voice Mail Content

Contents of emails/voice mails sent via official communication systems are stored on INAXUS email servers and may undergo reviews/analysis. This content belongs to INAXUS and will be used for appropriate business purposes as determined by the organization.

Data in HR Systems

Data provided by employees on the HRMS will be accessible to the HR team and may undergo reviews and scrutiny as required. Data may be deleted upon request after employment termination. However, they will remain in documents required by applicable laws and office regulations. Requests for purging can be sent to the HR team via email.

Surveillance Data

Images captured by surveillance systems are maintained for predefined durations, irrespective of whether the employee leaves the organization or not.

Appendix B: Private/ personal information collected from INAXUS Website (

Name of the Person

The name is used for identifying individuals and is stored in the marketing database for communication purposes. Upon request from the individual, their name can be changed or removed from our marketing communications. This can be done by making an email request in reply to any email communication sent by INAXUS to the person who provided the information.

Email Address, Phone Number

Email addresses and phone numbers are used for communication and are stored in the marketing database. Individuals can request changes or removal of their email address or phone number from our marketing communications by replying to any email communication sent by INAXUS.

Job Title, Company Name, Country

Job titles, company names, and countries may be used for analysis and preparing relevant content for communication. Individuals can request changes or removal of this information from our marketing communications by replying to any email communication sent by INAXUS.

Email/Voice Mail Content

Contents of emails/voice mails sent via official communication systems are available on INAXUS email servers and may undergo reviews/analysis. This content belongs to INAXUS Solutions and will be used for appropriate business purposes as desired by the organization.

Appendix C: Private/ personal information collected by the INAXUS product suite

Name and Contact Details

This includes your name, email address, postal address, phone number, and other similar contact data.


This refers to passwords, password hints, and similar security information used for authentication and account access.

Personal Preferences

Your personal settings and preferences created within the INAXUS product suite, including your photograph if applicable.

Demographic Data

Data about you such as your country of residence and preferred language.

Subscription and Licensing Data

Information about your subscriptions and licenses for INAXUS products and services.

Interactions and Logs

Data about your interactions with INAXUS, including operations performed, error reports, and areas of interest.

Device Data

Information about your device, such as IP address, device identifiers (e.g., IMEI number for phones), and regional/language settings.


Saved searches within the INAXUS product suite.

Location Data

Data about your device's location, if applicable and enabled.

Custom Details

INAXUS allows for customization to capture additional details beyond the standard product features. Your organization will have information about any custom details created as part of customizing the solution.


Content of your files and communications input, uploaded, received, and controlled within the INAXUS product suite.