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INAXUS Inventory Management

Item Master

The module acts as a repository for storing metadata related to items and materials, enabling smooth transactions.

  • Record of all the key information about a particular item of inventory
  • Can be used as an information source for a variety of purchasing and production planning activities

Location Master

A dedicated register for each warehouse, ensuring organized and streamlined stock management

  • location master data is used to support planning, logistics, modeling, forecasting, and reporting processes.
  • Inventory Item by Location provides a view of the locations where inventory is held

Stock Movement

Empowers users to effortlessly issue/receive items across warehouses and projects, promoting flexibility and efficient inventory management.

  • Inventory handles the administrative process of inter-warehouse transfers to ensure that inventory counts remain accurate during and after the transfer
  • Records all movement of inventory items that occur including, issue to project, receipt from supplier and transfers between warehouses/storerooms

Dashboards and Reports

A centralized hub for real-time insights and visualizations, facilitating informed decision-making across all projects and modules

  • Configurable Dashboard Parameters
  • All Task Pending issues
  • Progress reporting integrated with Primavera
  • Empowered decision with integrated Power BI.

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