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Document management system
Real-time collaboration

Data security solutions Document Management

An advanced centralized and secured repository for all your documents, ensuring easy access, organization, and protection of valuable project data.

  • Folder View Structure.
  • Document Transmit Support from App.
Construction management software

Go paperless solutions Workflow Management

Manage reviews efficiently and take control of any delays Automate your review and approval process with INAXUS's cutting-edge features, empowering proactive management of potential delays for streamlined project oversight and performance.

  • Easy workflow template creation.
  • Workflow escalation matrix.
Cloud document management

Digital transformation tools Email and Correspondence

Efficiently organize and categorize emails and communications, enhancing clarity and facilitating seamless collaboration

  • Default Confidentiality Set Up, Response Days Set Up, Auto Text Configuration Based on Mail Types.
  • Email Workflows.
Future-proof construction management

secured cloud access Dashboard and Reports

A centralized hub for real-time insights and visualizations, facilitating informed decision-making across all projects and modules

  • Configurable Dashboard Parameters
  • All Task Pending issues
  • Progress reporting integrated with Primavera
  • Empowered decision with integrated Power BI.
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Data security Project Directory

Effortlessly access comprehensive contact details of your project team members with our user-friendly platform.

  • Project user contacts centralized for an enhanced and seamless coordination & collaboration
  • Tight control on user invitation to project or organization.
user silos

Advanced user control Mobile App

On-the-go efficiency with INAXUS Mobile App - Access, manage, and collaborate seamlessly from anywhere, anytime.

  • Mobile App in Ios & Android
  • Document Transmit Support from App
workflow management
configurable feilds

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