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Document Management

An advanced centralized and secured repository for all your documents, ensuring easy access, organization, and protection of valuable project data.

  • Folder View Structure.
  • Document Transmit Support from App.

Email and Correspondence

Efficiently organize and categorize emails and communications, enhancing clarity and facilitating seamless collaboration

  • Default Confidentiality Set Up, Response Days Set Up, Auto Text Configuration Based on Mail Types.
  • Email Workflows.

Project Directory

Effortlessly access comprehensive contact details of your project team members with our user-friendly platform.

  • Project user contacts centralized for an enhanced and seamless coordination & collaboration
  • Tight control on user invitation to project or organization.

Inspection Requests

Initiate perfection with INAXUS Inspection Requests, ensuring flawless results and seamless project execution

  • consolidates all activities related to inspections in your supply chain into one digital platform
  • streamline and enhance the process of conducting mobile inspections using electronic forms

Snagging & De Snagging

Facilitate swift issue identification and resolution, optimizing project timelines and outcomes.

  • bound to help you organize information about defects that need to be fixed in an efficient manner.
  • you can streamline your snagging process, save time, and ensure that your project meets the highest quality standards

DLP Management

A centralized platform to log, track, and prioritize defects identified during the DLP Automated Notifications and Reporting

  • Oversee and manage post-construction issues to ensure successful project completion and client satisfaction.

Dashboard and Reports

A centralized hub for real-time insights and visualizations, facilitating informed decision-making across all projects and modules

  • Configurable Dashboard Parameters
  • All Task Pending issues
  • Progress reporting integrated with Primavera
  • Empowered decision with integrated Power BI.

Mobile App

On-the-go efficiency with INAXUS Mobile App - Access, manage, and collaborate seamlessly from anywhere, anytime.

  • Mobile App in Ios & Android
  • Document Transmit Support from App

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