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Create & keep track of meeting details, agenda and action items.

Site Inspection

Seamlessly tackle issues and ensure excellence every step of the way.

Site Photos

Capturing Progress, Store and Visualize your Construction Journey.

Digital Forms

Create error-free forms that enable effective data gathering.

Digital Logs

Real-time tracking and recording for improved transparency and data-driven decision-making.


A centralized hub for real-time insights and data visualization, empowering informed decision-making.


Smart analytics and dynamic reports for effective decisions.

Document Management

Advanced centralized and secured repository for all your document.

Email and Correspondence

Streamlined communication and document sharing with our integrated email module.

Project Directory

Securely manage user profiles with our integrated directory for seamless access and control.

Mobile App

On-the-go efficiency with INAXUS Mobile App - Access, manage, and collaborate seamlessly from anywhere, anytime.

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