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INAXUS Labour Productivity


Enhance labour management with integrated biometrics and mobile timesheet creation. Ensure precise project cost control through approvals and authorization for every entry.

  • Workers’ data management along with biometric integration
  • Mobile App for daily timesheet creation
  • Approvals & Authorization on every log there by ensuring effective project cost management


Enhance on-site operations by accurately calculating and managing labour details, streamlining project management processes for improved efficiency and productivity

  • Access real-time insights and user-based dashboards
  • offering management unparalleled visibility into labour operations & Budgeting

Dashboards & Reports

A centralized hub for real-time insights and visualizations, facilitating informed decision-making across all projects and modules

  • Configurable Dashboard Parameters
  • All Task Pending issues
  • Progress reporting integrated with Primavera
  • Empowered decision with integrated Power BI.

Mobile App

On-the-go efficiency with INAXUS Mobile App - Access, manage, and collaborate seamlessly from anywhere, anytime.

  • Mobile App in Ios & Android
  • Document Transmit Support from App

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