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We are sharing some of our most frequently asked questions to help you.

How do I start using INAXUS ?

To start using INAXUS, you must be registered as a user and be part of an organization or project which has purchased INAXUS.

What makes INAXUS different from other softwares?

INAXUS has been designed to fit the various types of sectors in the construction industry catering to their needs as per the different construction stages. We at INAXUS are also comprised of Construction & Technology professionals hence we have an edge into understanding your needs, requirements or concerns and provide you with solutions that are well fit for you.

Can I access INAXUS from any computer?

INAXUS is a cloud based software. You can access it anywhere at anytime with a web browser (Google Chrome), internet and the user credentials.

Can I use INAXUS only my own organisation?

INAXUS has two product segments: INAXUS for Organization and INAXUS for Projects. If you only want to use INAXUS for your organization, you may do so but if you want to collaborate with various organizations in a project, it is recommended to have INAXUS for Projects.

How many user is required to use INAXUS?

INAXUS provides Unlimited Users for INAXUS for Projects and a minimum of 5 users for INAXUS for Organizations.

How can I purchase INAXUS?

You can contact us through our website and an our sales team will help you through the purchase process.

How long does it take to implement INAXUS?

Our implementation period ranges from 7 – 10 days maximum based on the completion of requirement study and approval of the Project Protocol Policy.

I am a Subcontractor and I want to use INAXUS Advanced for my Organization and would want to add modules, how do I do that?

You would have to upgrade from Advanced to Business. INAXUS for Organization Business has custom module options that will allow you to add additional modules based on your need.

What about support? How can I get support if I need to?

If you have any support queries or service requests, you may open a ticket through the INAXUS support portal. We also have a customer service hotline and dedicated consultants to aid in extensive queries and requests.

What about my data? How secure is it?

You own your data and your data is highly secured with INAXUS. Our hosting policies are tight. We ensure that data is hosted in the country of where the project or organization is and after end of the project, you get to have a copy of your own data through a secure hard drive.

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