Digital Logs

Move beyond handwritten logs and keep consistent and comprehensive logs with a self-defined and customized log and notes format to be up to date with all project activities.

Construction Project activities and information tend to overload in a quick span of time and keeping track of it could be sometimes overwhelming. With INAXUS’ Digital Logs module, you can keep track of all the project activities and project related information with a single and easy to use digital log book to track site weather updates, manpower, waste logs, schedule and more. Construction Project Management is made easier as it gathers accurate feeds and keeps all project participants in control by automating construction project activities. We eliminate manual reminders and inaccurate inputs and ensure your project management is digitalized with the comprehensive reminder tool from INAXUS.

Digital Project Notes and Reminders

We provide a digital notes and reminders tool for project participants for easier project management and task completion reducing errors and inaccuracy.

Observe for Weather Updates and Forecasts

With the INAXUS Digital Logs App, be up to date with the latest weather forecasts and plan project activities accordingly by accessing on hand weather updates.

Control Material Manipulation & Equipment Handling

No need for hardcopies and risk of loss of information since you can log your materials and equipment on site digitally and monitor the manipulation and handling of such.

Outline Planned Activities for Effective Work Execution

With INAXUS, we allow users to customize logs based on their requirement and role so users can prioritize, plan and organize project activities and information.

Interface and Dashboard Control

Take control of your project and drive it to the fullest. Project Management is made as clear and simple as possible.

INAXUS allows collaboration to be more defined and customized based on the project requirements and protocols. Exchanging and managing information can be quite critical and complicated. Each project team aims to avoid disputes that can cause a lot of domino delays in the project. With INAXUS, we ensure that users can proactively identify, manage and close out issues and concerns in one central platform for the project participants.

ALL-IN-ONE: Allow to view COMPLETE Project Status at ONE glance.

View up to the minute status updates of tasks, activities and reports for all project critical data in one click of a button.

Monitor all Outstanding, Overdue and Forecast for Emails, Documents, RFI’s, Tasks and etc.

Avoid delays and disputes by being able to access the right information for smooth execution of deliverables.

Real Time Daily, Weekly and Cumulative Reports for All Deliverables

Promote Project Team Awareness and conduct proactive compliance measures by accessing to the right and required reports on time.

Customized Dashboards for each User or Company

We do multi project management like a walk in the park by our customized dashboard for multiple projects that allows you to oversee the project in all aspects.

Project Directory

Project data and contacts are very essential to each project to make sure that productivity is met as planned.

INAXUS Project Directory will allow the project team to communicate seamlessly with internal and external project personnel allowing people to be able to express concerns directly to the required for easier communication and collaboration.

We allow you to store and manage project team contacts and details with unlimited storage on a common project wide visibility platform.

Unlimited Contacts Storage (User, Project or Company)

INAXUS provides a secure central database for all project participants which allows projects to store and access their project contacts unlimitedly.

Easy Access to Contact Details of Project Members for enhanced coordination

Access contacts either through Organization or Project Level. This flexibility is defined to be safe as project participants can be set to either have no access, read only access or standard access.

View Contacts through the INAXUS Mobile App

Wherever you are, access and view your contacts in your mobile phone through the INAXUS Mobile App, this gives you flexibility and productivity anywhere or anytime.

Controlled & Secure Project Participants Invitation in the System

Easy and secure access to the required contacts either through the system or through the INAXUS Mobile App with firm contacts access and management.

Document Management

Manage and systemize documents with streamlined document management functionality available with INAXUS to store, share and archive project information in one central common platform securely and unlimitedly.

We ensure that all the project critical documents and data are transmitted securely between project participants and that the documents are protected with respective permission rights. We have designed a functional and sophisticated search and view facility for a faster and more efficient way of accessing and archiving documents and data from project initiation to project close out.

Easy Content & Functionality Search

No more headache of searching in mounts and piles of documents. Be able to search documents either through content or filtering according to keywords.

Sophisticated Revision & Version Controls

We provide a systemized and organized way of versioning and controlling your documents to ensure that all documents are kept, logged and fixed according to the protocols and standards.

NO Delete Option

There is NO concept of DELETE in INAXUS. All documents and project communication are stored securely, well traced and can be viewed through a streamlined audit trail.

Central Repository for Project Documents

Same as not having the headache of searching for documents, INAXUS provides a central platform for all project teams to store and keep all project critical documents.

Drawing Management

Drawings and design documents hold a very delicate spot in any construction project. It does not only define the outer face and physique of each project but also will define the safety and the foundation of it.

With INAXUS, we let you manage and track the entire cycle and trail of the drawing. This includes the status, the markups, workflows, comments and changes done on the same. You would be able to track the revisions with our accurate and automatic revision numbering to ensure that drawings are properly identified and that the right drawings are being sent accordingly.

Electronic Markup & Signature

INAXUS allows you to be digital and productive whenever, wherever. You can view drawings and mark up changes straight from your mobile phones or tablets.

Never Work on Old Plans again by the Automated Revision Tracking to Avoid Confusion

INAXUS provides an intelligent revision numbering system for all drawings and revisions to allow a reliable audit trail and to capture everything from beginning to current.

Manage Drawings by Discipline, Type and Area

Like the intelligent numbering system, INAXUS allows you to organize your drawings by following the protocol and policy adhering to best standard practices.

View, Edit and Markup Drawings through the INAXUS Mobile App

Have the luxury of having to edit or provide your markups swiftly through the INAXUS Mobile Markup App. This way, you can immediately send your remarks on time.


Manage submittals from start to finish by building proper workflows that fit your project management processes and hold your project team accountable with a streamlined submittal management and tracking tool.

Submittals pile up like dust in every project. Managing submittals can be very challenging without proper processes and workflow. INAXUS’ Submittal Module allows tracking the status of submittals along with the responses through customized workflows and drill down submittal history for the same to keep all the project submittals well organized and to keep the project participants aware and accountable.

Track & Maintain Full Submittals History Online

Never lose a submittal with INAXUS and keep a proactive track of the status or action required for your submittals to avoid delays and to speed up project tasks

Monitor Open or Close Submittals based on Submittal Type (Drawings, Materials, Method Statements, etc.)

INAXUS allows project participants to be more proactive, foresee risks and to organize an action plan to prevent delays. The dashboard provides a wide variety of filters according to the data that you require.

Advanced Distribution of Workflows for all Trade Packages

We allow you to customize workflows that suit project requirements and at the same time have it fully reviewed by our process consultants to ensure project protocols are streamlined.

Automated Submittals Tracker for All Document Deliverables

INAXUS provides the comfort of having to automate your submittal tracker and set notifications or customized reports for all document deliverables to allow on time delivery and response.


Communication throughout the project course is important but ACCURATE communication is way better or least to say is the core to be able to manage the project seamlessly and to build team collaboration and rapport.

There are about a valuable amount of messages and communication sent and received throughout the whole duration of the project. These communications are very significant as it holds the information required in the project. INAXUS designed a user friendly mail module with an extensive and secure back functionality to ensure that all communication and mail needs of the project are well suited with the possibility of integration and secure access anywhere, anytime.

Central Repository for All Project Mail Correspondence

INAXUS mail module is designed to be able to reach any project participant or integrate with GMAIL, outlook or any mail portal ensuring all communication are tracked and stored in one central platform.

Tightly Integrated with Outlook and other Email Systems

INAXUS provides an extensive functionality of being compatible with other email systems such as Outlook and the like to allow and promote continuity of work and productivity.

Unique Mail Auto-Numbering for Quick Reference

Locate all types of project with our intelligent search functionality. Filter according to the information that you remember or trim down your search for faster and easier access.

Mail Tagging for Quick Search

Along with having a unique auto numbering system for quick search, INAXUS has a mail tagging system which allows a much more quicker way of searching and finding your mails.


Meetings are very fundamental in project management especially in construction meetings as it builds up the foundation and gathers the information and activities required for a successful execution and management of any project. With INAXUS, we provide an all-around meeting organizer and meeting minute’s tracker to provide real time status update on agendas and distributions.

INAXUS meeting module lets project participants keep and store centrally a comprehensive record of all meetings tasks, due and target dates, persons responsible and alongside track the status, conduct automated follow ups for both meeting chairperson and the attendees, assign responsibilities to task holders and send auto reminders for milestones or tasks that are overdue or nearing its due date.

Approval Process before Distribution of the Meeting Minutes

The meeting module of INAXUS provides a systemized and defined meeting minutes going through proper approval before distribution to the project team.

Track Meetings Online and Assign Tasks

Assign tasks to key persons responsible along with the due date and details on one side, to keep track of the tasks assigned to them through automated reminders and flagging settings.

Automatically Carry Over Open Tasks to the Follow Up Meetings

Ensure that no open items are missed through the INAXUS Meetings Module. It allows an auto review of the previous minutes and ensures that open tasks are carried over to the next meeting.

Automated Notifications to Remind Users on their Open Items

Save a lot of time by avoiding manual follow-ups and allow project team synchronization by being able to digitalized notifications and allowing the project team to view their open items.


Information is the key to running a project on schedule. Lack or inaccurate information usually means a ton of delay in the project key deliverables and a lot of disputes within the project team. This in turn will have a huge domino effect on the financial returns and aspects of the project.

INAXUS RFI Module enables timely responses on RFI’s as everyone is in the loop and documents are readily available to facilitate faster closure of RFI’s. In turn, effective deliverable schedule management will be achieved which will have a huge positive impact in project costs.

Respond to RFI’s through Email or Mobile

INAXUS provides an efficient auto RFI response using email or their mobile app to log their responses. This way, were sure that all queries are responded before or on time.

RFI History from Start to Close

We provide a workflow tracker for all the processes in the project. Searching or updating the status of an RFI would be so much easier and fast.

Turn RFI’s into Action

We aim to close RFI`s 100% on time by providing an automated RFI follow up option to allow the users to set reminders which can be sent through sms, email or dashboard pop up.

Monitor Outstanding and Overdue RFI’s

Avoid delays by being able to access online reports for all your Outstanding and Overdue RFI’s and provide response on time to promote quicker delivery and results.

Site Photos

Outer and physical status of the project and site is an important factor in order for the project team to assess what improvements and to conclude on the phase of the project.

INAXUS provides a shared platform for the construction project management team to be able to convey and share messages in the form of photos. This would include site inspection photos, real time site status update and all others. This way people would be able to communicate and relay effectively updates to the entire project team.

Unlimited Storage for ALL Site Photos

INAXUS provides a central repository for all your project site photos and ensure secure photo sharing by being able to customize respective permission levels.

Weekly or Monthly Project Progress of Photo Records

Monitor the Project Site progress by being able to keep track of weekly and monthly photos captured on site. A history log for tracking your site photos are also available.

Appropriate Permissions to View, Download and Upload Photos

You can forward and send your photos to selected users based or upon your permission so they can access or view photos that you have uploaded.

Sync Photos Directly using the INAXUS Mobile App

Use your mobile phone or tablets to capture photos but at the same time ensure that it is well stored in the system for future reference and sharing.


Like RFI’s and submittals, transmittals play a huge role in project information and management. Transmittals provide the project participants with the data and documents that they need in order to complete the deliverables and project milestones.

INAXUS features a customized transmittal form that allows including any type of attachment or electronic document either it is from INAXUS or accessed from the computer and can be circulated quickly to project participants and get a response on time by specifying the response date and acknowledge requests. Through this, your project transmittals are surely managed simply and delivered fast.

Quick Exchange of Registered Documents from one company to another company

Send and distribute transmittals quickly whatever size or quantity it may be. There is no concept of bounce back delay due to file size problems as the system is designed to handle large size files.

Records all documents issued for easy tracking, coordination and information.

Transmittal documents can be searched and accessed in a very efficient way as all transmittals including their attachments are well organized in one central platform.

Customized Templates for Each Company

We have customized templates according to the organizations standards which match what type of information is required project wise along with other specific information required in each transmittal.

Ensure the issuance of Authority Approved Drawings to Project Participants

All your Authority Approved Drawings are sure to be deposited in the system. Project Participants can access any type of document sourced out centrally in the system.

Live Camera

We all want to capture each and every detail of the project whether it is for the site progress, safety standards or others and in as much as we want to note everything with our own two eyes alone would be impossible.

With INAXUS we make that possible for you. We allow you to capture and view the happenings in the project as we mandate the installation of live cameras on site. These would help monitor that progress of the project and would provide time lapse functionality hence providing the project team of a birds eye view of the project.

Live View of the Project Site to Monitor Site Progress, Maintain Quality and Standards

The live camera’s function is to build transparency and provide visibility of the project to the entire project team especially to the management to view the real time status of their project wherever they are in the globe.

Check and Ensure Safety Measures to Avoid Injuries

The live camera is also to monitor if the project participants are performing the standard and safe practices at site. This would also alert quality and safety officers of hazards found within the site.

Security & Logistics Control onsite

The INAXUS Live Camera allows you to provide proactive measures and ensure safety and security on site by being able to view the in and out logistics on site.

Monitor Live Labor Activity

Same as your logistics and material, the INAXUS Live Camera allows you to check on the manpower currently working on site which you can directly compare with you Manpower Log.

Upscale your organization by having a proper strategy per project. INAXUS guides you step by step on attaining project goals. Know more!.

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