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Known to be one of the world’s most challenging industries; Civil Construction usually has the most complicated and risky problems when it comes to project management. With the digitalized and flexible option of having a cloud based construction and project collaboration platform, INAXUS offers a more efficient and effective way in managing civil works and mitigating construction project problems and risks through transparent collaboration from beginning till end of project.

Design Collaboration

Streamline review and approval workflows for shop and schematic design drawings

Efficient Reviews and Workflows

Defined protocols for the unique requirements of each project and organization

Total Information Capture

Track all required data as information is stored in one common platform


Created to be fully compatible to edit and do markups on BIM models

Scaled to be Dynamic

Designed to suit any type of industry, business or field

Digital Archiving

Big data in a small pen drive for project digital closeout.

Avoid cost overruns and meet targets on time.

Road and

Water Supply and
Waste Management

Aerospace Aviation and


Infrastructure projects are usually faced with cost overruns due to the inability to meet project key deliverables and target deadlines. These are usually caused by design errors that have not been properly communicated and relayed to the required project participants. Also, information is very limited to the project team. The use of INAXUS ensures proper and secure flow of information and documents.

Document and Contract Management

Reduce risk of loss of important documents relating to land acquisition contracts and communication

Standardized Communication and Workflows

INAXUS’s strategy of having industry and technology experts help define the proper project protocols for an efficient workflow and communication

Project Control and Visibility

Promote accountability for project tasks and allow the management to track and monitor the status of the entire project

Road and Transport Compliance

Provide the required information to the designated organizations to avoid long term financial costs on archives and physical maintenance.

Effective Planning and Design

Keep design and project plans structured and accessible to cross organizations and project teams

Multiple Organization Collaboration

Strengthen collaboration with project participants and teams and ensure that project details are well distributed and are secured

What seems to be a common problem of manufacturing and all other sectors?

Textile and Cloth Manufacturing


Technology and Hardware Manufacturing


The manufacturing industry has a lot of complex sub categories that makes it prone to project and organization risks through mismanagement and communication. INAXUS’ common project management platform is designed to fit and rectify project issues and errors of different manufacturing sectors.

Monitor and Track Project Information

Be informed of the status and history of project information, activities and documents

Change Adaptation

Allow you to reconfigure workflows and other changes required with the approval of our consultants ensuring changes are well fit to the project.

Seamless Control and Collaboration

Allows multiple organization communication and secure transfer of information within project team members

Efficient Issue Resolution

As information and collaboration is transparent, issues are well detected at an early stage mitigating further risks and issues

Reduce Complexity

Designed to be efficient and effective to ensure proper utilization and to produce proper ROI of the software to the entire project team

Non Complex Tracking

Automated workflows and efficient search options are available to hasten and simplify key project deliverables and processes

Have you always had persistent challenges within your project or organization?





The oil and gas sector has been very fragile and mystique as it requires front end monitoring and operational management. There are a lot of persistent challenges encountered throughout the course of the project, from start up to decommissioning. INAXUS was designed to fit a variety project sizes and to be able to communicate seamlessly globally to ensure that communication and information is provided in continuity and to decrease risks of disputes resulting to boost of productivity and project turnaround.

Standards and Operations

Structured and defined protocols studied by our team of industry experts before the commencement of the project till forecast of project closeout.

Systemized Procurement Process

Streamline contract and bid documents and be able to search efficiently for the required information when required

Module Specification and Packages

A defined modular review of packages, design audits and inspections with various project team members located in the different parts of the globe

Project Wide Productivity

Information and Data are shared with project participants in one central platform to ensure everyone is informed of the latest updates

Speed Up Deployment

Improve coordination and speed up set up processes through efficient search, tracking and monitoring

Mechanical Completion

Commission and verify the functionality of all project systems as INAXUS provides a complete and accurate calibration and information.

Whether it is simple or complex, we aim to target specific challenges of our clients.

Energy and

Power Transmission and

Mining and


Power plants and nuclear generators are one of the most challenging and complex sectors of today. It requires thorough monitoring and in depth study of the infrastructure, legalities, safety, compliance and high caliber management of project plants. INAXUS is designed to be dynamic and mobile which allows project participants and users to acquire accurate information and to have a clear picture of the status of the project.

Mega and Dynamic

INAXUS is made to be used unlimitedly for different sectors from small organizations to mega projects whatever the file size, quantity and users.

Compliance in Operations

Address issues and mitigate risks immediately through a proper status monitoring dashboard and an efficient audit trail

Digital Distribution of Packages

Make tender and bidding easier and paperless with the digital distribution packages from INAXUS.

Permits and Regulations

Organize licenses and contracts obtained in construction, nuclear regulators or greenhouses

Efficient Plant Close Down

Have a central source of information will allow a smooth flow of information to address whatever complications that may arise.

Quality and Safety Compliance

Ensure that your organization meets the requirements for safety compliance with a central database for information and data.

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