• Single View of Project Health
    Monitor the current status and activities of your projects anywhere around the globe, anytime.
  • Variety of Scheduled Reports
    Lead the team proactively and avoid risks by viewing project reports that are necessary.
  • Monitor Project in All Stages
    Keep an eye on fundamental project phases such as Pre – Bidding stage, execution to the Defect Liability Period
  • Customizable Status Dashboard
    Access the project summary quickly through the customizable and 3 color status reports in the dashboard.

Secure your Investments

Investment Security is the top most priority that needs to be attained in projects. With INAXUS, owners can get a note worthy insight of what is going on with in the project anywhere and anytime through in depth and scalable reports.

INAXUS provides leverage for owners to avoid incurring huge financial losses by proactively providing action on risk factors identified in the project through the use of a highly defined project status dashboard.

As a main contractor, you probably would want to make sure that everyone in your project team is updated and in line with all your project key deliverables.

  • Online Project Management
    Organize the entire project team from start to finish by predefined and streamlined project protocols, follow ups and auto-reminders.
  • Digitalized Coordination
    Lead the project team to deliver on time according to the project key milestones without missing out on important project milestones.
  • Risk Management
    Manage approvals, workflows, documents and all other project activities centrally to avoid missing data or losing important project information.
  • Quick Handover Process
    Avoid the headache of having an army of clerks during project closeout and get documents you need in one snap through digital archiving.

Build to Succeed

Implementation of project protocols, policies and specifications are oftentimes very rigorous and challenging. Communication and relay of information to the project team tend to be a strenuous task, which sometimes lead to complex disputes.

INAXUS provides a uniquely designed standard project process document called the Project Protocol Policy. The PPP serves as one of the main foundations and strategy proposed by INAXUS to ensure that processes are well controlled for quicker and better turnaround time and results.

Deliver the job right on time by keeping track of your work hours, logs and schedule.

  • Central Platform
    Organize a central platform for communication with the project participants to relay updates, changes and information.
  • Digital Archiving
    Align project closeout activities without having the hassle to manually store and archive documents and access your documents through the Digital Media Drive
  • Real Time Reports
    Manage risks and delays through transparency and accountability of project tasks and activities through a quick access to project reports.
  • No Duplication
    Provide accurate information and status updates to the entire project team and be proactive on execution of project key deliverables and activities.

Collaborate Optimally

Keeping track and fulfilling the Project Key Deliverables and Target Timelines can be very challenging and can cause financial impact to your organization and project.

INAXUS mitigates project risks by providing a comprehensive set of modules to manage the project efficiently by capturing and accessing information on your fingertips. This includes closing out the project in a very smooth manner through automated digital archiving.

Monitor and view information to ensure the project team is right on track.

  • Effective Execution
    Avoid disputes through a centralized platform of communication for a more efficient and effective execution of project key deliverables.
  • Digital RFI's
    Manage and respond to emails and queries through the INAXUS Mobile App anywhere you are to avoid delays.
  • Automated Reminders
    Track the status of your work, project document, materials and changes to be up to date and informed by personalizing your dashboard.
  • Easy & Fast Workflow Process
    Manage your workflows and approval process quickly and easily through an efficient workflow system that reminds and displays a report of all pending approvals.

Effective Leadership

Up to date communication and coordination with the project team is sometimes very burdensome and tough. The use of the central project collaboration platform from INAXUS, greatly aids Subcontractors to be informed of latest revisions, material deliverable schedules, identify document deliverables which are outstanding and overdue.

INAXUS facilitates efficient communication within the Project Team through a firm and secure access to Project Team Directory.

Organize all design drawings in one single platform.

  • Digital Markup
    Update drawings online anytime, anywhere using the BIM compatible markup tool to give updates to the project team.
  • Drawings History
    Manage drawings and drawing changes with an accurate audit trail and intelligent version control system
  • On Time Design Submissions
    Monitor all your drawings and deliverable schedules through the real time reports to avoid delays and submitting all key deliverables on time.
  • Efficient Design Coordination
    Manage design documents and project contributions in one central platform with an easy search facility to effectively relay information

Upscale Design Management

documents and tracking down approvals can be very time-consuming if not managed and monitored properly. With INAXUS, we let engineers, architects and design teams properly orchestrate the required design submissions and check for online design approvals required efficiently.

INAXUS also allows the design team to make electronic markups on all types of drawings such as Design Drawings, Schematic Designs, Sketches or Shop Drawings that the design team can efficiently monitor on the design tracker schedule and identify accurately the changes made.

Digitalize and manage civil works as well as help mitigate the construction project problems.

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