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One of the entities that make up the INAXUS strategy is our Consultancy. We have a unique strategy which is a combination of consultancy and solutions to refine the most challenging industries of today. Our roadmap is dynamic to fit any industry from defining project base protocols to ensuring smooth project close out.

Project Study


Our team of industry experts will run a thorough study and collaboration with the project team on all the requirements, processes, organization roles, responsibilities and data required to make the system accurate and to coincide based on the users and organizations’ rules & regulation.

Project Protocol Policy

After the thorough project study, our team of system and industry experts will act as a helping hand to the project team to prepare the key manual and protocol document, which INAXUS uniquely calls Project Protocol Policy (PPP). This would include rules such as project numbering system, processes for key deliverables, workflow templates, security and escalation matrix based on the organizations and the like.


System Configuration


Based on the Project Protocol Policy designed, the system will be setup and configured. The team will ensure that the assigned project participants will be able to use the system to communicate and collaborate within and to any aspect of the project.

Project Team System Training

We don’t compromise in training. A dedicated resource will be assigned to work with all project participants to ensure that UNLIMITED and proper training is given throughout the course of the project.


Compliance, Maintenance & Audits


During the course of the project, our team of industry experts will ensure that all project participants are following the protocols defined by conducting regular audits and will make sure that the system is running efficiently and effectively.

Project Close Out

On the project close out stage, instead of having an army of clerks and QA teams for archiving project documents, INAXUS will help organizations to archive all project documents from the system digitally and handover it in a Digital Media Drive.



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